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Rustic Photo Booth

Pull out all the stops with our top Vintage Photo Booth package, including being custom-designed for your wedding, allowing you to be a cut above the rest!


Includes Guest Book, complimentary photo keyrings for all your Guests. Longer run time included. Unlimited premium resolution photos. 


Rustic Heart PhotoBooth

  • SproEntertainment operate a Covid-19 Aware safety procedure on all our Photo Booth and Selfie Mirror products.

    Unfortunately, until this terrible disease is defeated totally, we cannot supply props for Guests to wear, although it would be fine for them to use their own. This is to prevent any infection being passed from our equipment, so we hope you understand our reasons are for your safety.

    We provide antiseptic handwash for Clients and Guests to use both BEFORE and AFTER they have used the facility.

    We also require that each user or group of users, wipe the interior of the booth and any seating with the supplied disinfectant before they leave the booth. This is important to help protect your fellow Guests.

    Please note that SProEntertainment cannot be held responsible for any instances where the above procedures are not followed strictly, which result in infection.

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